You must need to know about electric stacker singapore

An electrict staker also popular as a walkie stacker, is a power-propelled device used for lifting and loading pallets. It can be load or storing pallets on a shelf at a high level. An electric stacker is a motorized tool for lifting and loading pallets.

Stackers are pallet jack types that are used to move products loaded onto pallets. They can transport huge heavy loads via your industrial warehouse storage. The most common styles of used stackers are two, and they walk-behind and ride-on.

What is an electric pallet stacker?

For light stacking tasks with low power. Electric walker controlled truck beginner models. It is easy to use operators even they are a trainee. Ideal for light use in narrow warehouse environments and occasional stacking and order picking.

Do you have to know the difference between stacker and reach truck?

While both Reach Stackers and Reach Trucks are used to stalk and retrieve palletized goods at various levels in a warehouse, Reach Trucks can move the whole mast forward and backward with the load. As compared to Stackers, Reach trucks enable the user to handle heavy loads at great heights.

Is a walkie stacker a forklift?

Walkie stackers are less bulky than forklift trucks, making them highly maneuverable and perfect for the small and narrow areas typical of storerooms and small warehouses. The compact chassis of walkie stackers also means that they are easy to operate and provide high visibility for the operator.

Product Features

 Material lifts typically contain two forks and a vertical frame of metal which can support a pallet of wares, and that can be raised or lowered to an optimal, ergonomic height for loading or unloading. May control the fox with a hand crank or a foot pump, and they can sometimes invert for adjusting the range of service. Moving Materials rolled allow from material lift wheels. Some material lifts have extra special wheels on the frame to be loaded into a delivery truck for transport. Can use materials in warehouses, storerooms, shipping facilities, and other industrial environments.

Have they powered Walkie Stacker's functions?

Perfect for managing a hefty, large amount of materials. Such as Loading/Unloading/Picking and transportation etc.


1) Reliability

•  CE Certification

•  Heavy-duty design

•  Duplex Mast

•  Made of C-Type steel

• One-piece shaped stronger chassis

2) Efficiency

• Larger capacity battery with long service time.

• Lifting by electric power, move by manual, Saving labor.

• Unique control system, More Efficient and energy-saving power unit

3) Safety and Easy Maintenance

• Over-charging protection device

• Block design, Easier operation, and service.

Product Information

Technical Details

Rated Load Capacity   LBS    4400

Load Centre                 In        20

Lift Height                   In        63

Min. Fork Height         In        3.54

Overall Height             In        82

Overall Length             In       55.5-62

Overall Width              In        32.6

Fork Length                 In        42.1

Individual Fork Width In        5.9

Front Wheel                 In        3.1X3.1

Rear Wheel                  In        7X2

Lifting Motor Power Hp 2.1

Battery Voltage/Rated Capacity V/Ah 12/150

Lifting Speed(laden/unladen) mm/s 80/100

Gross Weight LBS 704

How much does a stacker cost?

Enclosed stacker trailers typically cost from $25,500 to $45,000. Racing packages and custom interiors or living quarters can add to this cost.